Three Ways Music Can Help You To Lose Weight

April 12, 2018 - 1935 views

Music is the key to the soul. It can lift you up and put a smileon your face or alternatively it can bring you down and reduceyou to tears. Music is powerful and fortunately you can use itto help with your weight loss.

The interesting thing about music is that the same track or songcan induce different emotions in different people. If you metthe love of your life during a particular song, then youprobably enjoy it and feel happy when you hear it played on theradio. Another person may have been cruelly dumped by theirboyfriend during that same song, played at the same timesomewhere else in the world, chances are this song brings backall that pain and hurt the breakup caused.

Have you ever played upbeat music loudly when working out orbeen to a nightclub and found yourself dancing all night becausethe music was so good? Music not only generates positiveemotions but it can also help to motivate you. Music can bringout the best in all of us, it makes you feel good and encouragesus to move or dance. So how can music help you to lose weight?

Here are my top three tips to use music with your diet.

1. Choose your favourite music album and as soon as you wake upin the morning put it on. Listen to it as you have breakfast andget ready for your day. It will put a spring in your step andhelp you to be positive, you will feel capable of anything andthat feel-good feeling will carry you through the day. Beingpositive and happy makes you much more motivated and you willfind sticking to your diet easy.

2. Put music in your car. Listening to the radio can help torelax you after a hard days work. If you get home stressed outand grumpy, you are much more likely to go to the cupboard andovereat. Play music in the car, as loud as you like and have agood sing. Putting all your frustrated energy into singing willhelp you feel relaxed and give your mood a much needed boost.You will get home refreshed and energetic rather than exhaustedand feeling down.

3. If in the evening you are bored watching television you willfind yourself going to the cupboard to snack on foods. This is areally bad time for all dieters. Turn off the television and putsome music on, do your household chores, have a dance with yourchildren, play games or invite friends over for coffee. Not onlyare you not overeating but you are also spending quality timewith your family or friends.

I cannot tell you which is the best song to listen to or evenwhich album motivates people the most. The choice is yours. Itwill be different for everyone and will probably depend on manyfactors, age, taste in music, life events, lifestyle, etc. WhatI can say is have a good look through your music collection andchoose several albums, this way you won't get bored too easilyand will enjoy the music. Try listening to songs you used tolove when you were younger, it brings back happy memories andencourages you to lose those extra pounds

Think about buying a personal walkman or an MP3 player, both aresmall are portable ways to listen to music when you out andabout. It might even motivate you into going for a long walk.Getsome fresh air into your lungs and enjoy it. Don't look at it asexercise, it is simply getting out of the house to stretch yourlegs.

Good luck with your slimming.

By: Danielle Rivers

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