A Stress Reliever for Online Listeners Around the World

June 18, 2019 - 11:13 PM

The River of Calm Becoming a Stress Reliever for Online Listeners Around the World

Soothing music channel touts listeners in 168 countries

 (Nashville, Tenn.)— With American Psychological Association statistics showing 75 percent of adults worldwide report experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month, and nearly half claiming their stress has increased in the past year*, people are looking for relief from everyday pressures and anxiety. Many are now finding comfort, peace and tranquility by retreating into The River of Calm.

The River of Calm (www.riverofcalm.com) is an online music channel that features soothing, serene music from a growing list of more than 90 independent artists, including pianists, vocalists, guitarists and more. In addition to music, The River of Calm features uplifting news stories, videos, meditations, monthly live streaming concerts, and its Beyond the Music Podcast that showcases in-depth interviews with River of Calm artists.  The channel now boasts listeners in 168 countries.

“Music has always been a touchstone for human soul healing,” says Ed Bazel, who founded the music channel. “There are 195 countries in the world today; we have listeners in 168 of them. That’s just over 86 percent of the planet tuning into The River of Calm to hear positive, healing music to relax and cope in a time of high stress, 24-hour news cycles and unending social media distractions. It’s proof that people need calm, regenerative music in our busy, complex world.”

Four months ago The River of Calm unveiled its Beyond the Music podcast, which takes listeners on the intimate journeys of its talented artists. 

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“Our podcasts provides listeners with a personal look into the lives of our artists and the path they’ve taken to be accomplished musicians,” Bazel says. “We’re hearing from listeners that the podcasts reveal commonalties between their lives and the lives of our artists. While the majority of listeners may not be musicians and performers, through the podcasts they’re relating to the artists, and to same human journey of triumphs and trials they’re on, too.”

The River of Calm is also available on Android and Apple devices. Listeners can now say, “Alexa, open The River of Calm” to immediately find peace in an often chaotic world

“It’s been said that when words fail, music speaks,” Bazel adds. “The River of Calm allows music to speak the reviving language of peace, joy and positivity.”



The River of Calm - Music to Soothe Your Soul™ is an online music channel founded on the belief that music can heal, soothe and inspire others around the world.For more, visit www.theriverofcalm.com.

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