'There's been research done that shows that music has a very relaxing and calming effect'

November 08, 2018 - 1602 views

by Stephanie Rothman and KVAL.com Staff

LANE COUNTY, Ore. - At PeaceHealth, 'music to your ears' is not just a saying, but a dose of medicine for patients as well.

Volunteers come in and play the piano in hopes of giving a bit of joy to those who need it most.

If you go to a hospital, you expect doctors and medical staff around. But what you may not expect is the sound of piano music filling the air.

To many patients, music is more than background noise, but actually a dose of much needed joy.

We joined in on the piano bench with one volunteer who shows how a simple song can bring relief to those who need it most.

The calming sounds of the piano act as a therapeutic treatment at PeaceHealth.

Ginny Starling is one of the volunteer musicians at the piano bench.

"It makes me feel good that I'm giving something of myself and somebody else feels better for it," said Starling.

Starling has been lending her musical talents to the hospital for ten years.

"People come up to me and make a comment like they say 'that was my mother's favorite song,'" said Starling. "And sometimes they'll say 'I wish I played the piano because it makes me feel so good to hear you play.'"

While doctors heal the body, the music helps heal the soul.

"There has been research done that shows that music has a very relaxing and calming effect on people," said Anne Gordon, the PeaceHealth Healing Arts Coordinator.

In a place that's high on stress, staff, patients and their families say the songs inject a dose of joy to their day.

One nurse makes a point to come to the lobby on her lunch break, just to listen to the music.

"It really soothes your soul," said Oksna Moroz. "Your perception and it really fulfills you with some positivity to go back and perform better and take better care of the people."

More than 30 people play throughout the week, bringing compassion and support for the emotional well-being for patients and their families.

Source: https://kval.com/news/local/theres-been-research-done-that-shows-that-music-has-a-very-relaxing-and-calming-effect


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