Cathy Oakes

August 26, 2021 - 10:00 PM - 329 views

Cathy Oakes - Director of A&R

Cathy began piano lessons at the age of six but quickly got bored. Her parents sold the piano when her mother found her lying on the piano stool trying to play with her toes! She discovered her love for music through marching band and high school choir and seriously studied piano. She enrolled in the music program at West Virginia Wesleyan College, a small private college in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. There she studied piano, voice, music theory and history, and choral conducting. She holds a Bachelor's degree in music with an applied major in piano. After two years of deciding whether to major in piano or voice, she finally chose piano. Her professor said that she didn't choose. She simply "decided to sing on the piano." Her melodic style continues to sing through her compositions.

Cathy has spent over 30 years in music ministry and has taught piano and voice for four decades. Before The River of Calm, she served as the Vice President and Director of Artist Relations at Enlightened Piano Radio. She received the Life-Time Achievement Award for music and service to the arts in 2017.

Mrs. Oakes composes and records her original music and has traveled nationwide.  She has performed in various venues, including Carnegie Hall, Carnival Cruise Lines, The Grand Ole Opry, Performing Arts Centers, piano halls, homes, churches, schools, and opera houses.  Cathy found her music voice and continues to compose and to be inspired by the beautiful sounds of nature and the music of many of her fellow solo piano artists.

Cathy's music is on The River of Calm, Pandora, Spotify, Soundscapes, Sirius Radio, iTunes, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Solo Piano, Audiosyncracy, and many other digital and terrestrial stations.


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