House Concerts

June 29, 2021 - 12:00 AM

Picture this: It's a late Friday evening, and the last group of your friends are leaving your home after an enjoyable evening of music and connection with some of your favorite musicians you've heard on The River of Calm. You probably never considered yourself to be a concert promoter or show host, but you love the glowing feeling that comes from supporting artists whose music you enjoy and knowing your guests enjoyed an evening of music and entertainment.

Welcome to the world of hosting house concerts, where individuals like you invite friends to their home for an intimate evening of live music with The River of Calm Artist Series. House concerts are on the rise because they foster an intimate connection between musicians and their fans, and it's a wonderful way for hosts to present a creative evening for friends, neighbors and family members.

The Basics

It all begins by contacting The River of Calm and selecting the artist you want to host in your home. We will need to check with you about possible dates and your location, so we can see who can be available for your evening concert.

House concert hosts invite 20 to 40 friends and neighbors to attend a show. It's common to ask for a $10 to $20 donation for a show, with the proceeds going to the artist. Often attendees bring a dish and make it a pot luck. Or, if you want to outlay the money, you can have the evening catered for your guests, or serve some wine the finger foods. About a week out make follow-up calls to all invited guests to remind them of the show date and time.

House shows are intimate, so your guests will be seated close to each other and near the performer. Arranging seating will take some minor furniture moving to make room for more comfortable seating for guests. Note: your neighbors are a good resource for extra chairs. Also, if asked, friends you invited to the house show can bring their own seating. Comfortable living and dining rooms make for wonderful and intimate shows, but basement rooms are good, too. If you live in a condo complex, often the clubhouse room is available if reserved beforehand. You the host introduce will introduce The River of Calm artists and provide a short description of the music your guests are about to hear.

For house concerts, The River of Calm Artist Series musicians usually play two 40-minute sets with a 20-minute break in-between. The break will be a time when many of your guests will want to talk to the artist and buy a CD or other merchandise. Home concerts are a great way for musicians to meet new fans of their music and sell CDs and merchandise directly to listeners. Make sure you have a table where the musician has room to sell their wares. 

Hosting a house concert is fun and enjoyable, and will immediately make you the toast of the neighborhood. And who knows. That River of Calm artist you hosted for an intimate concert one Saturday night just might be the next Grammy winner!

Contact us today about The River of Calm Artist Series concert in your home. And don’t worry, we like green M&M’s too.


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