After surviving stroke, man uses healing powers of music to recover

November 06, 2018 - 1433 views


Music can be soothing for some, but a man in Nebraska says it gave him so much more.

Ted Gray suffered a massive stroke not long ago and has been recovering ever since. The 57-year-old’s spinal cord was injured when he fell.

When he underwent an operation, his carotid artery burst while on the table.

"I was in the hospital on a ventilator for a while," Gray said. "I looked kind of bad. They didn't think I was going to make it."

As he recovered in rehab, there was one thing that soothed his soul: music.

It didn't take long for hospital staff to get wind of his love of sound, and they went the extra mile to bring the gift of music right to him.

They decided to surprise him with an organ to play.

"You saw him light up when he got to play again and it was very motivating," Jessica Barges, a hospital staffer, said.

Since bringing in the instrument, Gray’s healing process has gotten better.

"It's nice to hear them sing. It's nice to have a crowd here and to play in front of people again," he said.



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