The River of Calm - Beyond The Music Podcast - featuring pianist KeithTim Anderson

March 14, 2019
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The River of Calm’s Beyond the Music Podcast takes an up close and personal look at pianist and composer KeithTim Anderson.

Growing up in a small town outside of Eau Claire, WI, the pianist/composer/vocalist, the son of a father who was a junior high band instructor and a mother who taught piano, remembers only ever wanting to do one thing – sing! While developing these skills via a local boys’ choir, school bands and choirs, musicals and special church groups, he also took private piano lessons. Often, when he made a mistake while practicing, he would start experimenting with writing his own tunes. He enjoyed this improvised composing so much that he soon spent more time creating original compositions than practicing his actual lessons. Over time, he also began setting Scripture to music and wrote songs with lyrics by others as well as his own. 

Fast forward to today - and true to its intriguing, reflective title, KeithTim Anderson’s debut solo piano album, Waiting’s End, is the culmination of a fascinating lifelong musical journey – and a fresh new beginning for the multi-talented artist. 

Get to know more about composer and pianist - KeithTim Anderson - on The River of Calm's "Beyond the Music" Podcast!


The River of Calm Beyond The Music Podcast Episode #3

Artist: KeithTim Anderson
Host: Ed Bazel
Producer: Eric Bikales


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